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Top 5 Reasons Women FEAR The Gym

1. Intimidation

I know many of you feel intimidated by the gym environment, especially if you're new to fitness or unsure about how to use the equipment properly.

I'm here to tell you that feeling this way is completely normal, but you need not feel that way! Every single person in the gym had their first day as well. No one knew how to use the equipment and we were all intimidated. The incredible thing is, gyms are almost always communities. Communities of like-minded individuals who are not only excited to be there, but excited that there is someone else joining the community they already love so much. I think you will be surprised at the amount of kindness and support you find there.

2. Lack of Confidence

Often times, gyms are packed with experienced and fit individuals, which can create a sense of self-consciousness about our bodies or fitness level, and can sometimes make us feel judged or out of place too.

Again, I believe these feelings are normal, but try not to dwell on them. I can assure you that no one cares what you look like or your fitness level. They are too busy worrying about the same things for themselves. I can say with 99% certainty that almost no one at the gym is even paying attention to what you're doing.

A woman in the gym doing a back squat with a barbell

3. Body Image Pressure

Societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards can contribute to body image issues and create a fear of judgment in fitness spaces. We may worry about being compared to others, feeling like we don't measure up, or facing criticism about our appearance, or what we are wearing.

Wear what you feel comfortable in at the gym. You don't have to wear tight short shorts and a bra top, but if you want to - go for it! Prefer sweats and baggy tees? Amazing. Rock that sh*t.

And F*CK society and it's unrealistic beauty standards. No matter what we do that pressure will always be there, the only thing we can do about it is ignore it. It's not easy and it takes a lot of mental work, but hear me when I say that you're already beautiful.

I know many women start working out to change their appearance, but very quickly after realize there are so many other incredible benefits of regular exercise that have nothing to do with appearance, and that a change in body composition is really just a bonus to all the other benefits.

4. Harassment or Uncomfortable Interactions

Unfortunately, another reason women fear the gym is because sometimes instances of harassment or uncomfortable interactions, such as unsolicited comments or advances, can occur in gym settings. Such experiences can make us feel unsafe and reluctant to frequent the gym. I have experienced this, but only once. There will always be creepos, jerks, and bishes. If something weird, or uncomfortable happens, speak up. Any reputable gym will take action immediately. As mentioned earlier, most gyms are passionate about creating a welcoming, inviting, and friendly environment. Bad vibes won't fly.

A woman in the gym taking a break after a set

5. Lack of Representation and Support

Gyms are often predominantly male-dominated spaces, lacking diversity and inclusivity. This can make it harder for us to find relatable role models, access proper guidance, or feel supported in our fitness journey. That being said, I truly believe that the scales are tipping more in our direction ladies! Now more than ever, we are starting to see more female fitness role-models, influencers, personal trainers, and athletes in the gym, on socials, and in the media!

Don't forget! Women-specific fitness spaces, female trainers, and group classes designed for women can be alternatives to traditional gym settings and help address some of these concerns. Additionally, seeking support from a friend, a personal trainer, or participating in online fitness communities can provide a sense of comfort and motivation when starting or continuing a fitness routine.

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