Personalized Workouts

Let me do the hard parts of working out from home for you:

- I'll create the workout. Just tell me what your goals are.

- I'll show you modifications for any injuries you have.

- You get a link to the recording of class to view as many as you like for 7 days. There is an option to download your video*

- I'll workout with you if you need that motivation*

How it works:

Decide how many classes you want to sign up for

Options: 1, 4, 8

Decide how often you want to meet

Options: 1x per week, 2x per week, 3x per week

Decide what type of class you want

(it's like a build your own meal)

Appetizer (Warm Up)

- Yoga, Fitness

Main (Workout)

- Total Body 

- Upper Body

- Lower Body

- Core

- Combo: Upper & Lower
- Combo: Upper & Core

- Combo: Lower & Core

Dietary Restrictions (Injuries & Special Requests)

- Low-Impact

- Cardio

Dessert (Cool Down)

- Yoga, Fitness