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In-person training available at your in-home gym, in your garage, basement, backyard or local park! If you prefer virtual sessions, we can do that too. I will provide all the props and equipment required for our sessions. I specialize in Corrective Movement, so if you have an injury, or are recovering from one, I can help you out.

Personal Training sessions are not limited to only fitness. If you're interested in private yoga or meditation classes or beginner shuffle lessons you can book those too!

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The pricing for personal training sessions varies depending on how many you book, whether we are working together in-person or online, and a few other factors. 

Let's chat and see if we can come up with a pricing plan that fits your budget. 

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​"My progress since starting to work with Mel has been substantial. I suffered an unfortunate accident a year and a half ago that left me with a knee injury. I have had many appointments with both doctors and physiotherapists and while these professionals have all helped me during the journey to recovery, it wasn't until I started going to Mel that I felt I may actually be able to recover."