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GLUTES with Mel

12 week Progressive Overload Program

Get strong AF and build your dream booty!

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Program Overview


4 per week


30-45 minutes



Program Includes

Workout Videos | Strength | Resistance | Recovery

Getting Started Guide | Workout Calendar | Progression Tracker

Equipment Needed

Fitness/Yoga Mat | Resistance Bands | Dumbbells 

How to get started

Sample Workout

Fit Girl

Who it's for.

This program is for anyone who is ready to commit to be fit, gets bored easily, wants quick, effective workouts that you can do anywhere, likes a challenge, and loves a laugh even more. 

Strong Woman

What it's like.

Each class follows a similar format, so it's easy on the brain, but different exercises to keep things interesting. Classes are about 30-40 minutes long including warm up and cool down.

Sports and Fitness Accessories

What you need.

Classes involve a mix of bodyweight exercises, and exercises involving dumbbells and resistance bands. You can use your imagination in lieu of dumbbells; water jugs, cans of soup etc.


My name is Mel Martell

Introduction & certifications/background

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