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Peach Pump Program

  • 12Weeks
  • 54Steps
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Peach Pump with Mel is an on-going glute focused training program. We are going to pump that peach baby. Strengthening, sculpting, and growing those glutes are the goal of this program. With an easy-to-follow program & schedule, you are set up for success. A loop resistance band and dumbbells are used in this program. Whether your goal is to get moving, get strong, or for aesthetic purposes, this program is designed to get you there. We follow the principle of progressive overload to achieve our desired results. Through each phase of the program, we will progressively build upon our workouts. All the exercises are low-impact and we focus on similar movement patterns each week, so you can master the exercises and get stronger while improving your performance. Participants will have access to a private group, with motivation, tutorials and support to stay on track, and overcome obstacles while you’re trying to achieve your goals. And it’s truth bomb time. The only thing that is going to give you the results you desire is a commitment to this program. It takes time to grow your glutes. There are no quick fixes, just hard work, consistency and time. A couple of months from now you can look back and wish you had started today, or you can literally just start today. The choice is yours. Program Includes: A step by step, 28-day plan including workouts, rest days, & tutorials. Access to content for 3 months. Access to a member only group. 6x videos.

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